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About Us

Afro –Asia Shipping Confederation (AASC) is a unified business and friendship organization formed to be an all-inclusive group for all African and Asian companies in the shipping industry. The system provides a simple, safe, direct and efficient on-line platform for freight forwarding companies in both Africa and Asia to perform business connection. It stimulates connection between demand and supply information from two continents. Moreover, each member will be examined before joining AASC to ensure the safety in business transaction among all members.

As a confederation body we are the largest union of Africa and Asia region in the global shipping industry. The organization primarily focuses on friendship across the Blue Ocean and business through unification. We have become the driving force to business development, co-operation and partnership across the two regions.

As a non-governmental organization, we strive to instill professionalism to our members, encourage business understanding among the regions and contribute immensely to the policy development within the confederating states.

AASC is a coalition of the two major global economic blocks comprising of about 102 federating states. We will liaise with other global trade and shipping organizations both at the regional and federating levels of government to ensure a seamless logistics supply chain between two continents.