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Welcome to Africa&China Shipping Market
Membership and Benefits


Our membership conditions are very friendly. We remain the only business organization in the shipping industry without membership limitation for all countries, cities and port areas. However we require the credibility and reliability of any member in AASC, in such way we can guarantee a safe commercial environment for all AASC members.

Members of the Afro-Asia Shipping Confederation consists of those in the shipping industry, freight forwarding, logistics, and courier, air freighting and general transport. Member companies must be from Africa and Asia, because we decide to concentrate on these two markets at the initial stage, and will become expertise for this market very shortly.


  • Connecting to the largest concentration platform of core shipping industry leaders and practitioners from both Africa and Asia continents
  • Building more company relations in both Africa and Asia markets
  • Identifying reliable business partner in any Africa and Asia regions and taking care of all cargoes transported between two continents
  • Freely releasing business demand or supply information, collecting relevant replies through AASC system
  • Access to the AASC standard business partnership/co-operation agreement
  • 20% discount on attendance fee to Global Shipping Summit
  • 20% discount on advertisement on both ACLA and Shippingchina network
  • Access to daily shipping news, latest freight quote and shipping schedule between Africa and China

Annual Subscription Fee is only $350USD/RMB2400. If you do not have User Name and Password, do not hesitate to click here for application, and we will contact you within 24 hours.